TDAPAYU is the Utility Service Programme of the Dream Achievers Info Solution Pvt Ltd which is the sales/marketing/promotion division of Promila Foundation.

We promotes the sales and enables the Promila Foundation to promote and achieve the vision and mot.

“To empower the people economically to make them live at their own terms”

Organization Distributes /Pays to it's affiliates for participating in promotions, leads generation, referrals, marketing and sales of the products / services / packages during / post the course completion.

Get involved with The Dream Achievers

To get involved you need to buy the offered package. However, you always need a sponsor's link. With that link you can then go on to Products Store and explore all our great products as a customer. If you would like to get more involved you can recommend the products to others as a Member.

You can also decide to grow your own business as an entrepreneur. Members and entrepreneurs are called Affiliates of The Dream Achievers’ (TDA).